Filipino Steamed Cake

July 16,2017 Ever heard of these Filipino Snacks called Puto (Filipino Steamed Cake)? Well these are sweet treats (not that sweet) that is made from cake flour, sugar, water, egg white, baking powder.  Get the recipe here We didn’t made these hehe… We just bought these on the way to our grandparents’s house. Yummy and addicting … More Filipino Steamed Cake

Mango Graham Cake

June 17, 2017 Yesterday I made this Mango Graham Cake and set it in the fridge overnight and now they’re ready!!!!  I’m lactose intolerant… too bad I cant get to taste this 😣😣😣  I made this for father’s day which is tomorrow (June 18, 2017)  Recipe:  Ingredients:  2-3 ripe mangoes  Graham crackers Condensed milk (any … More Mango Graham Cake