Last July 17, 2017 I stopped by to SM City Santa Mesa after school to destress (hehe) and while wondering around I spotted this new shop BOULANGERIE22 

It is a bakery shop that sells all sorts of cute and tasty treats!! Good news, There’s cakes, brownies, cookies, and so much more!!!


The first impression when I entered the shop is that the place is so organized!! Plus The employees there are friendly!!!

The goodies~~~~

These cookies caught my attention because of their heart shape ❤❤

These heart shape cookies would be a great gift for your loved ones!!!

Another great news is that these cute and loveable treats are sold with an affordable price of P12 and P22!!!

I’m not a fan of bread but these Strawberry cream cheese bread and Blueberry cream cheese bread makes me want to love bread hahaha

Cute cakes omgggg

This thing too cute to eat~~~ But sadly I have no money 😦

This shop is located at the 2nd Floor of SM city Santa Mesa. What are you eaiting for? Go grab some of those cute goodies!!!


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