La Lola Churreria (Churros) review

July 8,2017

Today me and my friends went to Robinsons Magnolia here in the Philippines. We hang out and had food trip hehehe

So this was actually the first time I’m tasting churros
We ordered Classic Churros (12 pieces) it was worth P195 but the dips were in a separate price so it costs us P395

We had Signature and Matcha dip (so plus P200 that’s why we ended up with P395)
Our orders came and I didn’t expect it to be so huge like so huge

I was so surprised I thought it would be in a smaller size (misjudged)
So we ate ( there were 4 of us) …

In my opinion:

It was too oily and too greasy. We consumed only 6 pieces while I only consumed 1 since the oil from the churros gave my throat some serious duscomfort!

I’m not a picky eater but I don’t think this wasn’t worth it. 
We brought home the few remaining churros and when I got home few hours later, the paper bag got soaked with oil. Like it was so gross to the point that it dusgusted me!
This was my 1st and last time eating churros. I would rate it 0 out of 5 stars. (Sorry)


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